‘Eddy is an amazing coach and person’

‘Eddy is an amazing coach and person’


To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article regarding Mr. Ed Anelundi. As a member of the Barrington High School tennis team I have experienced Eddy’s fantastic coaching ability and delightful personality.

He is a knowledgeable coach who has mentored us throughout the season to make us better players. Eddy is extremely dedicated and is always waiting at the courts eager to start the days practice. He even stays long after practice to help individuals reach their potential.

Along with this, he is constantly watching us while we play to come up with drills that will help specific aspects of our game. Not only is Eddy a wonderful coach, but he truly cares about the players on our team. One day, during a match, I fell and twisted my ankle. That night, Eddy called me to see how my foot was feeling and told me to make sure I visited the trainer the next day. He did not have to do this but he sincerely cared about my health.

Eddy even makes us homemade brownies and pizza for away matches but won’t let us eat them until after the match to make sure we are able to play our best. Overall, Eddy is an amazing coach and person. Many students, parents, and players know Eddy as an honorable person who they respect for his positive impact on the community.

Julia Forte