East Providence Labor Day parade did come with a cost

East Providence Labor Day parade did come with a cost

To the editor,
I am responding to the letter from The Red Bridge Neighborhood Association on Nov.  8.
First, I’m glad this organization had a wonderful time marching in and being a part of the Labor Day parade. I’m sure many had a grand time but I would like to defend a few things in my letter on Oct. 4 that you speak of in your letter.
Second, you accuse me of “bashing” the Labor Day parade. If I was bashing the parade, the Post would have never been able to print my letter.
While this city was in the middle of turmoil financially, Mr. Rose brought this idea up at a council meeting. I’m sorry but my position with this is simple. If the city is playing host to the state budget commission shouldn’t we have been talking finances and how we are going to pay bills instead of parades? When some are depressed they go shopping, when our council is faced with tough decisions, they have a parade. Whatever, if it works for them, great.
The next part of your letter is the better part. You state and I quote “The good news something left out of the letter is Councilman Rose when reporting publicly announced the city would NOT endure any cost for the Labor Day parade.”
Surprise! I requested certain information from the city regarding this parade and the information I received was from Mr. Andreoni, the city solicitor, Police Chief Joseph Tavares, Fire Chief Joseph Klucznik and (Director of Public Works) Stephen Coutu. Mr. Rose lied when he said the city would not endure any cost. Although it isn’t a huge amount, what was paid could have gone to middle school sports, video streaming or something else that was cut from our budget.
Traffic Detail $762.44, $40 fuel cost for police vehicles, $6.38 fuel cost for DPW vehicles, Ladder 3 and Engine 5 (Engine 5 responded to an emergency and was not able to complete the parade). The above are expenses incurred by the city contrary to what Mr. Rose stated publicly.
According to Chief Klucznik, all personnel for the fire department were scheduled to be on duty that day so there were no additional costs for personnel. Chief Tavares stated that 14 hours of comp time was earned by officers who came in to work on their day off.
RBNA also states that the parade committee secured businesses and money to cover the cost of the 2012 parade. No where in this seven-page report from Mr. Andreoni does it state that there were any funds secured or donated for the purpose of this parade. You state my painting of a negative picture was “misleading” and “upsetting.” What was misleading was Mr. Rose’s statements that this city would not endure any cost and what is upsetting is that you believed him.
If you would like a copy of what I received from the city, feel free to contact me and I would be glad to give you a copy.
Lynn Miller
East Providence


  1. Councilman Rose talked about this at the council meeting, I was under the impression when he spoke that he had businesses donating money for this parade. Guess I was wrong.

    Sounds like the taxpayers are paying city employees to work on, or march in parades, instead of paying them for what they should be doing, their real jobs.

    Councilman Rose is already planning the next parade, and I have to agree with the letter writer, don’t plan a parade on the backs of the taxpayers and claim it did not cost us a thing.

  2. Some of the board members of the RBNA, Mayor Rogers, Councilman Rose, State Rep Dasilva, the list goes on. Election year was a reason to invite the RBNA to march in the parade.
    I admire Ms. Miller who takes an interest in where our tax dollars are being missed used, when children are going with out middle school sports and video streaming of the city council is no longer something that the seniors can watch from home.
    Councilman Rose lied to the residents of this city again!
    Wonder how much the Winterfest will cost the taxpayers? Will city works be working on this again like last year on city time?? Our tax dollars at work, on parades .
    The budget commission needs to be better informed about where our tax dollars are being spent, even if it’s a minor amount, that over time adds up to a large amount.