Divvy up Rhode Island: Ingenious idea

To the editor:
This is an answer to C. Roger Wallin of Portsmouth in the letter to the editor posted in the Sakonnet Times 7/26/12 titled ‘Rhode Island — Best to give it away.’
That letter should receive an award.
I have been feeling the same way for years. His suggestion makes so much sense that it’s a wonder I didn’t think of  it myself.
I love the way he distributed the different sections of Rhode Island. It makes perfect sense although I will have to say Providence will be a big problem. Who the heck wants it?
Yes Massachusetts, we are ready to call our new state the ‘Bean State.’
Just imagine, no more voter suppression with voter ID, lower sales tax, no taxes on alcohol, Affordable Care Act, everybody gets health insurance that is successful. I could go on and on.
Let’s do it Roger. This is a win-win situation for us all.
Filomena Tougas