Despite attack, LCCF an advocate for community

Despite attack, LCCF an advocate for community


To the editor:

At the most recent Little Compton School Committee meeting the chairman, Mr. Gomes, read a statement from the Committee full of unpleasant and inaccurate invective toward the Little Compton Citizens First (LCCF) group.

The LCCF organization has been a strong advocate for supporting the schools and small businesses in the area, senior activities and social services for the community. As supporters of LCCF and as citizens who collected signatures to get Democrat, Independent, and Republican candidates on the ballot for the November election, we are delighted that the non-partisan activities of LCCF have made it possible for good new candidates to run from all three political groups.

The LCCF is an important entity in our community in its commitment to non-partisan input in government and to transparency and integrity in the Town Council and in the School Committee. LCCF is dedicated to improving life for all citizens, young and old alike. We encourage you to join and support the efforts of the LCCF.

W. Brett and Johanna McKenzie

Little Compton