David Lamb taught me to fight the good fight

To the editor:
Years ago, when it was suggested to me that I consider David Lamb and MorganEve Swain for my empty apartment, I was glad to have two musicians in the house. I was unaware then just how lucky I would be to have these two musicians in the house. David was inspiring. When not on the road, he would be practicing all day. Never taking for granted the blessing it is to be able to create for a living. I would be in my studio, all day, and I would hear the sound of David, working out some intricate guitar line, in combination with the amazing foot work he would do with the percussion pedals. I would hear him, and it reminded me…keep my nose to the grindstone, too.
The sound of David playing, and Brown Bird practicing, could so often be heard wafting down Water Street. The absence of those sounds this past week or so punctuates the absence of the man.
I don’t believe it is any coincidence that people use the word “struggle,”,or “fight,”,when referring to the part of life that illness sticks its head into. To me, life is a war. My art has always been my bullets in my efforts towards the good. With David’s passing, I feel I have lost a brother in arms in this fight to bring art and beauty in the world. Our home has lost a champion in our struggle. The war is not over, and it has just become harder to fight. I will carry on trying to keep in my mind and heart that which I learned from David. To listen, to be patient, to be steadfast and true to the mission. To do what we do with love, and dedication. To not give up.
David was my better.
William Schaff
Water Street

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