Dana Warren seeks apology from Tattrie

Dana Warren seeks apology from Tattrie


Editor’s note: Adams Lane resident Dana Warren filed this letter at the Warren Town Clerk’s Office, asking that it be forwarded to the Warren Town Council:

Dear Town Council President Stanley and Councilmember Tattrie,

I am requesting a formal public apology from Councilmember Tattrie for
specifically referring to me as a “non-professional” during the December
11th Town Council vote and public hearing in which I presented my
credentials and testified as a licensed architect. Not only am I a licensed
architect in multiple states including Rhode Island, but I am also a
registered business in the town of Warren, paying both personal and
professional taxes. My mailing address is the UPS store to facilitate
secure business package services, but my physical location, tax obligations
and interest are here in Warren. The public heard her remark loud and
clear, and have made it a point to draw it to my attention.

Further unjust were Ms. Tattrie’s comments about “misinformation” presented.
As a licensed professional I am obligated and hold a high ethical standard
to present facts and to speak with integrity. I feel my remarks at the
hearing met such standard. If Ms. Tattrie had issue with the information
presented she did not speak up to request clarity or indicate her
credentials to which she feels grants authority to dismiss a licensed
professional’s testimony. There was additionally no request from her for
clarity on any of the public’s testimony.

One role of my professional career is working with businesses to find
fitting locations to start up, relocate or expand. I have been communicating
with both the Town Planner and the Economic Development Board regarding
motivations to encourage my clients / potential clients to open businesses
in the vacant locations in Warren. I have met with resistance from business
owners about locating in Warren, describing what they view as negative
business stigmas about the town and their perception of a lack of
professional respect. They fear their businesses will not be taken
seriously if their address is in Warren. Ms. Tattrie’s insulting remark
while in the role of member of the governing body of the town of Warren has
reinforced this negative. How am I to encourage my clients to change their
negative perceptions and locate in town, when I am personally subjected to
what they fear?

Experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge in the community
toward healthy development goals in Warren should be considered valuable
resources. I bring depth of experience in the architectural realm of
planning and development, working with dozens of towns and cities throughout
New England. I have willingly provided and continue to offer support to our
community in Warren, where sharing of my professional expertise has been
humbly and graciously welcomed. The most basic civil respect from
councilmember Tattrie would be appreciated. The community is owed this


Dana K. Warren, licensed architect
345 Adams Lane


  1. To the Editor: Please be advised that the Council President has not received any email at this time addressing this concern. The Council President is in receipt of an email dated from 12-12-12 that reflects praise and appreciation for how the Public Hearing was conducted that evening.

  2. Dana, while I read your comment, it becomes rather obvious that you are unfamiliar with the policy of speaking to a Governing body as a professional. While you may be a licensed architect, you had not personally petitioned the Council to be heard as a professional. As such, regardless of your experience, you were speaking as a resident of your neighborhood. If you had represented yourself as such, the information provided would have been excepted into record as such, other wise you are just speaking as a regular “joe” off the street. If you consider your information to be as “testimony” you should probably prepare yourself to be summons to court in the event Mr. Avila litigates the Towns decision on the matter. As far as looking for an apology from people, perhaps you shouldn’t put yourself out as the front person if you weren’t expecting anyone to disagree with you. While constructive criticism is tough for people to swallow, perhaps it becomes food for thought for future ventures. And by the way, One question, when you have an issue with a client, do you contact the media first and complain about them, or do you give them the courtesy of an e-mail or letter personally first.

    You don’t seem like much of a professional in my eye’s if you can’t except your feathers being ruffled from time to time, I supposed Mr. Avila’s Professional’s that spoke should ask for apology from everyone else in the room then. These are just my personal feelings and not that of Mrs. Tattrie’s.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. This is not the first time Ms. Tattri as expressed opinion from her point of view, regardless to whom she may be speaking too. No one person on this council knows roberts rules and violate rules all the time and accept it, so dont kill a person for speaking her opinion. As for directing it to the media as past experince prevails, no one on this council responds to letters and advoids public opinion.