Crafting a plan to draw ‘desirable’ business to Portsmouth

To the editor:
The Portsmouth Economic Development Committee recently gave its 2012 Annual Report to the Portsmouth Town Council.
The important points to take away from this annual report are:
The PEDC is starting the process to update the Economic Development Section (EDS) of the Town Comprehensive Community Plan (TCCP).
The entire TCCP will be updated under the supervision of the town administrator and under the direction of the town planner.
The update of the EDS will include the goals, policies and implementation of the economic development activities that will guide the town for several years to come.
This is a vitally important process that needs to be done — in an open fashion, with input from many people, all ideas need to be examined, and consensus developed for the activities with the best return on investment for the town.
While writing the EDS, The PEDC will propose a town vision statement and the director of business development will write and execute a marketing plan to promote current business in town.
Once the EDS is completed, it will delineate a list of “desirable” businesses that we want to attract to town to improve upon the current commercial tax base.
While these activities are on-going, the PEDC proposes an examination of the process on how new businesses get started and encourage efforts to streamline the process to make it more efficient for them.
Links to the 2012 Annual Report are on the Town web site and the PEDC web site listed below.
A good 30 minute video with more detail is here:
We encourage residents of Portsmouth to join the PEDC or the Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the PEDC.   Applications are at the Town Clerk’s office.
Ray Berberick