Congratulations to BAY Team members

Congratulations to BAY Team members


To the editor:

The BAY Team, Barrington’s Adult Youth Team against substance abuse, would like to recognize the outstanding contributions of our Members of the Month, Stacie McLaughlin and Deb Jerome.

Both long-term volunteer members for the BAY Team, the pair recently traveled to Nashville, Tenn. on behalf of The BAY Team to attend the weeklong Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) mid-year training conference.

Volunteers for the BAY Team generally attend our monthly meeting and agree to serve on one sub-committee of the coalition. Deb is part of both the Parenting and Prescription Drug Committees and Stacie also serves on two committees, Parenting and Marijuana.

At the CADCA Conference, seminars covered a wide range of substance abuse prevention strategies, including, “Tackling Prescription Drug Abuse at all Levels, Considerations for Addressing Medical Marijuana, and Strategic Media Advocacy.” The two volunteers will be utilizing what they learned to implement strategies in Barrington aimed at preventing and reducing drug use.

The BAY Team honors these two individuals for the outstanding commitment of service they both provide to the Town of Barrington. Each has contributed more than 80 hours of volunteer time during the past year.

Kristen Westmoreland, MD MPH

BAY Team program manager

Kathleen Sullivan

BAY Team prevention director