Congrats RI — Sakonnet toll tops Golden Gate

Congrats RI — Sakonnet toll tops Golden Gate


To the editor:

The new Sakonnet Bridge is one beautiful bridge, for sure. The views facing south to the open Atlantic are spectacular. The lanes are broad, with occasional lumpy places to enjoy driving over.

Come July 1, I will look forward to paying the in-state Rhode Island toll to go to and from my job in Middletown, commuting from Little Compton, as will all of my fellow workers, who come from Massachusetts as well.

My transponder will help with a small discount, so I won’t have to pay the $5 — each way — bridge fee to and from Aquidneck Island. My fee will be less, costing about $1.75 for both ways.

Last summer I visited my son in California and had the memorable opportunity to cross the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. Guess what? $5. toll — one way only! How ’bout that?

If I have a transponder and three people in the car carpooling? $3 toll — one way! That’s right, you only have to pay one direction only.

Now I ask you, Gov. Chafee and our elected officials who voted for the tolls: If our famous Sakonnet Bridge is so amazing, and charging more than the Golden Gate Bridge, don’t you think you should be publicizing Rhode Island’s new wonder on national television so tourists across the country will take the opportunity to enjoy the awe inspiring bridge of the East Coast? After all, for those without a transponder, the Golden Gate Bridge costs $6 — one way! That is less than the Sakonnet Bridge!

If you wish to check the tolls of the Golden Gate Bridge, here is the site:

Once again, Rhode Island wins the prize!

Claire Johnson

Little Compton


  1. Suggest this great letter be submitted to the Providence Journal, the Newport Daily News, the local talk radio shows (Dan Yorke, etc), and members of the General Assembly. It makes its point brilliantly!!