Class warfare lament from GOP is laughable

Class warfare lament from GOP is laughable


To the editor:

Presumably because all solid Democrats — and at least a few good folks of other persuasions — have been persisting that all persons and entities should at the very least pay their fair share of taxes, we’ve heard the charge of class warfare every time the wretched right is bereft of anything cogent to say — which lately is almost all the time.

The accusation is hilarious to students of history who know that since the 1870s, the moneyed interests have been waging class warfare at least sporadically. (The American labor movement did not come into being because all was fair and tenable on the waterfront.) But at first all too few resisting voices were heard letting the little guy and girl know what really was befalling them.

Then along came Samuel Gompers and other early heroes of the workplace. Their activity brought us Theodore Roosevelt. And then followed Franklin Roosevelt and Henry Truman.

And now, more than a century and a quarter into a labor-management sense of relative stability, comes the No. 2 man in the Pennsylvania legislature to boast that his GOP colleagues have so manipulated ballot law in the Quaker State as to ensure the supremacy of Romney/Ryan there in November. Whether that proves to be the case remains for the count to back out. But at first blush this obvious attempt at voter suppression accepts IDs from state-recognized academic colleges but not those from mechanic-training courses or cosmetology schools. No class warfare there, of course.

Meanwhile, a veteran Philadelphia election commissioner has spent months working — mostly without success — to obtain from various state offices information which would allow citizens to secure IDs that possibly would get them access to the franchise. Need I say that some of the non-communication comes from county election offices in Republican hands?

And, as this year’s fiasco — consciously created by GOP-controlled state houses, not only in Pennsylvania but in a slew of other states — as the courts reject many of the more egregious attempts to rig the Presidential election, and as many state electorates are at sea about access to their polls, now comes a Karl Rove operative working 30 states to mess up orderly election administration. So far, nary an apology from Rove (at least the wrongly maligned ACORN labored long and well to rectify an out-of-bounds activity from its behalf) — but you didn’t expect one, did you?

We Rhode Islanders can be thankful that our system seems to afford a good likelihood that a vote cast for Candidate X will register was such.

Charles M. Moran Jr.