‘Buy local’ message benefits whole Little Compton community

‘Buy local’ message benefits whole Little Compton community


To the editor:

On each of the five days between June 16and June 20, Little Compton Community First (LCCF) shared the profiles, contact information, web addresses and Facebook pages of three small businesses based here in Little Compton. As part of LCCF’s “buy local” message, the profiles for these 15 businesses were sent to our entire membership via email and also posted on the LCCF Facebook page.  This was a completely free, zero obligation campaign offered by LCCF in support of our local small businesses.

The list of businesses included Sayles Livingston Design, Katherine Leary CPA, Chartier Builders, Sakonnet Lawn Care, RM Construction, Crowther’s Restaurant, Serena’s Studio, The Art Café, Young Family Farm, Earle’s Service Station, Beanhouses, Compton Clambakes, Wood’s Small Engines, Simmons Café and Market, and the Local Bouquet.  The various profiles received nearly 100 Facebook “Likes” and over 2,200 were “reached” on Facebook, not to mention the hundreds of emails which were sent to our membership and countless website visits.

We at LCCF encourage everyone to check out these businesses and to also support a “buy local” message, knowing that supporting small businesses based here in town benefits the entire community.  The variety of services offered right here in Little Compton by our small businesses is truly outstanding.  The results of LCCF’s first “Small Business Week” were far better than expected and the feedback thus far has been tremendous. In fact, we are considering doing it all again before next year!  If you have a small business here in Little Compton and if you are interested in participating in future campaigns, or if you’d like to join our free membership, please write to [email protected] or visit our Facebook page.

David Middleton

Coordinator, Little Compton Community First