Bristol Speakout caller was out of line

Bristol Speakout caller was out of line


To the editor:

I find it laughable that someone would anonymously call speakout to complain about the portrait of a Town Clerk who served in that capacity for 22 years.  The longest serving Town Clerk in this community, who served without fanfare: keeping records accurate and serving taxpayers with a “yes” and a smile.  The walls of Town Hall carry the portraits of Town Clerk’s past, a tradition that has been followed for 100 years or more. Should we also criticize the School Superintendent’s and High School Principals of the past who sat for portraits and grace the walls of public buildings? As with Diane Mederos, they all served this town with great integrity and honor, always keeping the citizens they served first and foremost, generally with personal sacrifice to their families and their wallets.  To the casual viewer these jobs appear to be glamorous with big paychecks and perks. But in reality these jobs are hard, difficult and stressful.  The people who apply know the benefits of helping their fellow man, but they also know there will be the cowards who hide behind the likes of speakout.  They know there will be hate mail, and the innuendo of impropriety without proof, but they apply and serve without complaint wanting to make where we live a better place than when they started.  I worked side by side with many of these great people and I know not one of them thought of themselves as deserving of Gold trim or golden paychecks, only a wage commensurate with their education, experience and ability to perform the duties of their office.

Question:  How many Town Administrators, School Superintendents, Town Clerks, and Police Chiefs served this town for 10 years or more?  Answer: Not many, in part, because of cheap shots like this one. To the author of that diatribe, grow up and challenge what really is important:  The safety of our children, our fellow man and ourselves, obtaining knowledge to secure our future, and protecting our great nation from those who seek to overthrow her.

Russell S. Serpa

20 Leila Jean Drive



  1. OK Rusty, the town will put your portrait up now are you happy ? I think it should be hung in the Police Dept., which you did a fantastic job as chief.

  2. Mr. Serpa is correct, it was a cheap shot and totally undeserved. Diane Mederos has served our town well. Next time you want to speak out, sign your name, but if you don’t have the courage to do that then be quiet.