Bristol non-event was actually a big deal

Bristol non-event was actually a big deal


To the editor:

As I was watching the inaugural proceedings at Colt School Monday night, something dawned on me. It had been staring at me in the face for a long time but suddenly it really hit me all at once. We just elected a first generation immigrant to be the Bristol Town Administrator!

The most remarkable thing about it was it was such a non-event. It was really no big deal. At least to those of us who were sitting there. Yes, it surely was a big deal for Mr. Teixeira, who came to Bristol from the Azores. And people who came from the Azores, at least around our town, are no big surprise since there are so many of them.

Then I thought, how many first generation immigrant political executives are there in the US? Even though Google is seemingly all-knowing, but could conceivably be wrong, the guarded answer is zero. Nada. Before we line up the Guinness people, more research has to be done. Could this be another Bristol first?

But that was not the intent of this comment. It’s nice to be number one and but my remarks have to do with how “normal” this was for our New England community with roots dating back to the King Philip wars.

I thought to myself, what a stupendous non-event! It hardly got noticed. Like having no murders. Does anybody think to congratulate the police chief for the paucity of murders in town? Not likely. But sitting there, watching our newly elected Town CEO speak with a distinct accent I found it remarkable that no one had to state the obvious. Just like we didn’t have to mention the fact of his suit being blue or Diane Williamson being tall.

In this season where we all count our blessings and renew our ties with friends and family, it is surely nice to live in a town that has so comfortably embraced diversity, not as a political slogan, but without any fanfare whatsoever. It just comes naturally.

Peter Calvet



  1. I am glad you caught this and wrote to the Editor….I actually had brought up on our Family web site the he was the first but did not go further.
    It is a HUGE accomplishment for sure, thanks for bringing it up and once again Congratulations to Tony.

  2. Absolutely Fantastic Letter! I talk about Bristol all the time in that manner. Quiet unassuming little Bristol. Likened to fictional “Mayberry” in a comparison to Miami where I am. I am so Proud! Congratulations Again Tony! Our Parents and Grandparents would be beaming with Pride!