Bristol Democrat defends Republican nomination

Bristol Democrat defends Republican nomination


To the editor:

I’ve been asked why I, as a newly elected Democratic councilman, would support Republican Mary Parella for chair of the council.

On November 6th Mary Parella won more votes, the confidence of more Bristolians, than any other candidate for council.

Mary Parella’s years of experience on the Bristol Town Council and representing Bristol in the RI Senate have prepared her well to lead the council.

I nominated my party mate, Edward P. Stuart Jr., to be the vice chair.

As always, if you wish to talk or bring something to my attention, my phone number is (401) 489-0972

Timothy E. Sweeney
82 Church Street


  1. Mr Sweeney, before the election stated he would do WHAT IS BEST FOR THE TOWN OF BRISTOL, he has kept his promise and nominated the most respected councilor and the most experienced, Thank You Mr Sweeney for keeping true to your moral compass and doing what is right for all of Bristol not just a handful of disgruntle democrats.
    we are off to a good start.

  2. Congrautlations for having the courage to do what is best for our Town. You are starting on the right path and will do great things for Bristol. Keep up the good work.