BAY Team honors Member of the Month

BAY Team honors Member of the Month


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To the editor: 

The BAY Team, Barrington’s Adult Youth Team against substance abuse, would like to recognize the outstanding contributions of our Member of the Month, Nancy Guertin.

Nancy is Director of Family Outpatient and Outreach Services at the East Bay Center and has been a volunteer member of The BAY Team since 2010. As a member of The BAY Team’s Prescription Drug Committee, Nancy helps promote safe handling and disposal of prescription medications. Barrington is now one of only two communities in Rhode Island with a permanent drug disposal box. Unwanted medications can be dropped off at the Barrington Public Safety Complex on County Road any time or day.

As a result of the East Bay Center’s relationship with the East Bay Family Care Community Partnership, Nancy secured a grant for a spring conference focusing on stress in our children. In collaboration with the BAY Team and local Parent Teacher Organizations, this conference will feature a screening of the documentary Race to Nowhere with a panel discussion by experts in the field. Dinner will be provided along with booths showcasing examples of healthy ways to combat stress.

The BAY Team is grateful for collaboration with mental health care providers such as Nancy Guertin. Together, we look forward to welcoming community members for our free dinner and screening of Race to Nowhere on Tuesday, April 23rd from 6-9pm at the Barrington Public Library.

Kristen Westmoreland, MD MPH Program Manager

Kathleen Sullivan Prevention Director

The BAY Team