Barrington needs to ban plastic shopping bags now

Barrington needs to ban plastic shopping bags now


To the editor:

On Monday, October 1st, the town council will be looking at an ordinance to ban plastic shopping bags in Barrington. The town council should move forward with this ban to protect the environment.

Plastic bags are among the most common types of trash found in Rhode Island coastal cleanups. In the environment, plastic bags pose a threat to wildlife such as birds, fish, and turtles. Plastic debris could also stay in our oceans for hundreds of years or more.

As a coastal community, Barrington can see proof of this pollution along our waterways and beaches. Enacting this plastic bag ban would both make a difference here in Barrington and also get the ball rolling so that more communities can follow our lead.

By eliminating plastic bags, we will set an example for others while sending the message that Barrington is an environmentally conscious town that works to protect essential wildlife and preserve our natural assets.

Martha Colella



  1. Martha,

    I am against the plastic bag ordinance for reasons that it will impact business and the elderly who rely on the handles more than most.

    As a person who has lived for 26 years on 100 Acre Cove in the North facing direction (i.e. the wind is always blowing things towards me), I do not recall seeing any plastic bags washing ashore. I have lived in two different locations on the cove about 1/2 mile apart and the results are the same: no bags.

    There are shotgun casings, glass bottles, plastic bottles, a rubber duck, but no plastic bags that I recall (perhaps 1 or 2 that I don’t recall).

    What is your data based on?