Animal shelter volunteers ‚ but not facility — are great

Animal shelter volunteers ‚ but not facility — are great


To the editor:

I am writing in response to two articles published in the Warren Times-Gazette regarding the Warren Animal Shelter; the first on Sept. 24, and the second on Oct. 9.

First, I was concerned when I read the front page of the Times-Gazette on Sept. 24 and read an article regarding a visit to the shelter by the RISPCA after an anonymous complaint about conditions. I was  unhappy when I read it. My concern was with the message one might get after reading this; that the shelter neglects the animals.

It caught my attention, because I had recently visited the shelter on four occasions in the couple of weeks prior to this article, to visit the cats. I am a cat lover and wanted to visit my feline friends as well as potentially adopt a new cat. We lost our cat of 11 years to a brain tumor in May.

The cats had fresh water, food and litter each time I was there. Each time I was there, I saw staff members with the cats caring for them. The cats were happy, playful, affectionate and healthy. There was even an opening where they could roam to an enclosed outdoor area where they could get some sun, fresh air and roam if they so desired. I left with a smile on my face.

I was impressed when the staff knew the histories of the cats from memory. I would point to one and ask and they would know. They also had the written histories available if needed.

The issue and concern, I gathered from my visits there, is that the city perhaps has neglected the shelter; the staff does not neglect the animals. THey are working with limited funding and in a small, outdated facility that can flood during heavy rainstorms. They even assist with PawsWatch. They do the best they can with what they have available to them. Perhaps an outdated leadership needs to give way to a fresh perspective as well.

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff at the Warren Animal Shelter who give selflessly to the animals at the shelter. You are heroes. And a special thanks for rescuing Gypsy from the streets and taking care of her over the summer. She is a blessing and loves her new home.

In closing, I was happy to read the Oct. 9 issue of the Times-Gazette in which the Warren Town Council gave Police Chief Peter Achilli the authorization to look into a new home for the shelter. And a hats off to Chris Stanley for caring; you have my vote. And to the rest of the council who support this.

“Warreners” are top-notch people. Let’s gather around this cause. Warren is the smallest city in the smallest county in the smallest state. Let’s make the Warren Animal Shelter the very best shelter in the smallest city in the smallest ocunty in the smallest state in the United States!

Tim Bowen

113 Water St.