Letter: Alliance has indeed been involved in Westport town beach issue

Letter: Alliance has indeed been involved in Westport town beach issue


To the editor:

In a recent letter to Westport Shorelines, an interested citizen reported he was “disappointed to learn that the Westport River Watershed Alliance (WRWA) has not seen fit to get vigorously involved with the (Beach Road) issue.”

That assertion is untrue. The WRWA has been following this matter closely and has let appointed and elected Westport officials whose responsibilities include oversight for enforcement of development and environmental matters know about our concerns regarding use of the Beach Avenue site as a town beach.

Those communications have focused in particular on various laws and regulations that are in place to assure integrity of barrier beach property as well as the federal, state and local officials, agencies, and boards that are charged with enforcing compliance with their provisions.

As it has for more than 35 years, the WRWA will take action that is consistent with our mission and necessary to assure that using the Beach Avenue property as a town beach will not occur unless and until the parties interested in that use have first complied with applicable environmental statutes and regulations.

Tom Schmitt

President, Westport River Watershed Alliance


  1. Hello all my Westport Fans – The Sun is Shining and the Summer is great.
    Tommy Boy, Calamity Jane thinks you need to take a chill pill because the word on the street is that you know very little about Westport environmental issues and just take the position of your buddies at your Main Road Westport Point fancy headquarters.
    It is all the citizens of Westport that need help and direction Tom and not just your rich friends. Maybe that is why there is so so much turnover at your club Tom.
    To all my loving fans Calamity Jane bid you all bye bye for now.