After disappointing debates, Stein gets my vote

After disappointing debates, Stein gets my vote


To the editor:

Having watched the three presidential debates, I realize that neither President Obama nor Governor Romney represents my point of view.

They are both against health care for all.  They are both for massive drilling on public lands.  They are both for Wall Street, not Main Street.  They are both for continuing the War on Terror, with its massive subsidies.  They are both for domestic surveillance and criminalizing dissent.  Two peas in a pod.  Two sides of the same coin.  Their agents have made sure that no dissenting opinions can see the light of main stream media.  No third party candidate can appear on the same platform with the majors, even if such a “third” party candidate will appear on a majority of our ballots.  No stray question may be asked in public on such inconvenient issues as climate change.

The Democrats and Republicans ensured their monopoly on public debates by firing the League of Women Voters and replacing those uppity women with a cartel wholly owned by, you guessed it, the Republican and the Democratic National Committees.  In today’s debates, “questions” from the audience are carefully vetted for just the talking points on which the two parties have agreed to disagree.  Deep questions provoking answers such as “You don’t have any new ideas.”  Or “You don’t want big change (whatever that is.)  Or “You have been changing your position.”

Sure, one might appoint a better Supreme Court justice, or a better EPA administrator.  Are we truly reduced to selecting a president on such marginal issues?

Many of my friends feel bound to vote for the “lesser of two evils.”  I disagree.  If we truly believe in the course of our nation, then we cannot afford evil at the helm.  Therefore, I am voting for DR Jill Stein, of the Green Party.  Her positions are well thought out and ethical.  She is not afraid to confront the real problems our nation faces.  She is ready to “reduce the budget deficit by restoring full employment, cutting the the bloated military budget, and cutting private health insurance waste”.  (Her web site.)  Even if she were not to win this election, a strong showing would 1) show the American electorate is not ready to tilt forever to the right; 2) prove that we are not ready to abandon the principles of equal access on which our country was founded; and 3) suggest that we Americans are not quite ready to give up our liberties in the name of security.
If you believe that our enemies are hiding among the infernal muslims, then you do not want to vote for Jill Stein.  But if you think our enemies are found in the budget deficit, high unemployment, and wasteful use of public resources, the you, too, might want to vote for Jill Stein.   
Eileen  Wheeler Sheehan


  1. I took a look at Dr Stein’s website.

    With all due respect, it might be classified as “follow the yellow brick road” policies. She has no clue about a cure for our current fiscal mess, and what would actually happen overnight to our basic distribution systems if she implemented her policies.

    Dr Stein is naive to a fault, and needs a remedial course in basic economics, and how stuff actually gets delivered to your local Stop & Shop in a manner that there is not a mob waiting outside the moment the delivery truck pulls up.

    By the way, I noticed that one of the biggest problems facing America, being our porous borders, was not addressed. She politely swept that minor issue under the rug.

    Typical of liberals

    • Ooopps, I found her immigration policies:


      Grant undocumented immigrants who are already residing and working in the United States a legal status which includes the chance to become U.S. citizens.

      Halt deportations of law-abiding undocumented immigrants.
      Repeal the deceptively named Secure Communities Act.

      Improve economic conditions abroad to reduce flow of immigrants, in part by repealing NAFTA.

      Demilitarize border crossings throughout North America.
      End the war on immigrants, including the cruel, so-called “secure communities” program.

      Did I say naive in my earlier post?

      I recall Steve Martin’s comic line: “How you can be rich and not pay taxes. First, get a million dollars. Then when the tax man comes, just say – I forgot.”

  2. Thanks “Comn S” for the link to Ms Stein’s campaign website. In a word – ABSURD!

    Ms. Stein needs to stick being a medical doctor.

    Her entire platform is a conflicting wish list of things even people without a Harvard education already know and want.

    The issue is, and has always been – how to get to a place that EVERYBODY wants to go, but has a seating capacity for only about 20%? She lacks the simple understanding that all politics is crowd control.

    Take a look at the streets of Greece and Spain, and you’ll get a glimpse of Ms Stein’s hypothetical second day in office.