A look back at Bristol the way it was

I came to Bristol in nineteen fifty-two,

No condos, traffic lights or RWU.

With population half of what we have today,

Budget set in a town meeting where all could have their say.

The bicycle path was a freight train line,

Serving industry before its decline.

The medical center had not yet come to be,

But doctors came to your house for a small fee.

A movie at the Pastime followed by a drug store fountain treat,

Was a small town pleasure that is very hard to beat

Saul Ricklin

145 Ferry Road


One Comment;

  1. BIGmouthNEfan said:

    What a disappointing change the town has seen since the 60’s. It now Bristol traffic nightmare, full of it neighbors, high priced property, high taxes, the good days are gone here!