Letter: What’s next? Complaining about police and fire sirens?

Letter: What’s next? Complaining about police and fire sirens?


To the editor:

This letter is being written in response to the front page article, concerning the turbine located at Safeway (Bristol Phoenix Feb. 6, 2014). I have read the article, several times, and come up with the conclusion that even through there have been many complaints, the proprietors at this location have only been in violation once. Although this one time should be reason to be concerned, by all parties, the ordinance should remain as-is. This project was open for discussion at public forums. This ordinance was in place at that time, and if anyone was concerned, they had their opinion. It was reviewed and went through the proper channels, and was allowed to be built per order of the Town Council. We all know then, if not we do know now, that turbines can make a substantial amount of noise in this town. Next we will be complaining about the sirens at the fire and police headquarters. It was mentioned that this noise meter was tested before dispatched. That is not only Standard Operating Procedure, but excellent police policy. However, what I do question is when as this meter last calibrated, and an outside source, either the manufacturer or an outside testing firm? The question at hand could go either way, if it is out of calibration. There could be all the while many violations, or quite possibly none at all. On a final note, turbines are usually installed with a clutch. This clutch can be variably set, with an adjustment to the rpms, which in turn relates to the noise factor, which I have previously mentioned. I hope this article can be of help on settling this issue.


James S. Medeiros

43 Rosedale Drive