Letter: Warren belongs to all of us

Letter: Warren belongs to all of us


To the editor:
I would like to comment on the Warren Financial Town Meeting. Public speaking does not come easy to me so I am using this venue. As citizens we enter into a social compact that allows government to take some of our money to provide us with the things that we need to maintain our society. The question is how much of our money, which is the fruit of our labor should be taken? This is the reason for a Financial Town Meeting.
It is unfair of elected and employed officials to belittle citizens for asking this question. It is unfair for these same officials to accuse tax payers of going after certain individuals within town government. It is unfair for these officials to suggest that the citizens do not understand the process of town government. Most important of all, it is wrong to act in such a way as to insinuate that one knows best how to spend the money of another.
What is fair is for our elected officials and paid employees to remember that they are entrusted with other people’s money. They should not seek out or accept these jobs without that important fact in mind. The town of Warren is not a private enterprise. It belongs to all of us.
Finally I would like to speak to the taxpayers of this town. Our form of government depends on an informed populace. Therefore we must also take responsibility and change ourselves. We can start by making smarter and more informed decisions on election-day. I will end with Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Mary Ellen Kee
74 Long Lane


  1. Even if that means you want me gone from the Council, you are absolutely right. I hope people see how right you are Mary Ellen Key.

  2. What boggles my mind is that the Council showed up to that meeting with the expectation that a budget with a 7% tax increase would be rubber-stamped by the people. They actually seemed offended by any insinuation that the taxpayers should do anything other than bend over and take it.

    Perhaps that was their expectation because that’s the way it’s gone in the past. If so, shame on us as taxpayers.

    We didn’t accomplish much in the way of financial relief for ourselves, but if nothing else the Council is on notice. It is now our responsibility as taxpayers to make sure that next year’s budget hearings PRIOR TO THE FTM are well-attended and carefully monitored due to the ridiculous rules imposed at the FTM designed to prevent the budget from being changed by the taxpayers. By that time, it’s clearly too late.