Letter: Visit soured by Sakonnet toll

Letter: Visit soured by Sakonnet toll


To the editor:

In September I was visiting my home state of R.I. and joined two other couples at the lovely Boathouse restaurant for a most enjoyable evening.  When we chose to go toward the Newport Bridge to pass through my former town of Bristol it necessitated going over the Sakonnet River.  Some mention was made as we went through that area that a ridiculous 10-cent toll had been levied and we couldn’t figure out  how it was to be collected.

I had forgotten about that conversation and still had trouble remembering going past a toll when my collection letter arrived the day after Christmas.

Coincidentally, my brother had brought me the Dec. 19-edition of the Phoenix which had a family member’s obituary in it.  While perusing through its pages, I saw the op ed written about the problems visitors have incurred because of this ludicrous fee with its excessive “administrative” fees.

Plate Pass of Scottsdale, Arizona charge me $24.85 for crossing over the Sakonnet. The memory of that wonderful night with family and friends has been sullied by this very questionable practice of hitting the unsuspecting where it hurts.. in the pocketbook.


Marie E. Tombari

West Palm Beach, Fla.