Letter: Students belong in school

Letter: Students belong in school


To the editor:

It’s a snowy Monday at about 11 a.m., and I’m walking my dog.  At the intersection of Peck Avenue and the bike path, I meet two young men walking toward Warren. One young man says, “What a sweet dog – what is he?” And so the conversation begins. The young men are polite and chatty.  Within the first five minutes, as we all walk toward Warren, I have to ask, “Are you guys bunking school”?  As a retired educator, with 35-plus years experience, I’m curious.  As a Bristol taxpayer, I’m concerned.

Yes I only have their half of the story, but they say they were “play fighting” with each other in the hall between classes.  I can’t imagine just this would get them suspended for the day.  Why not detention after school, so they don’t miss the school day?  What about a detention room in school to handle these problems during the school day?

We walked about one-and-a-half miles together up to Jacobs Point in Warren at which point I decided to return home. I must say that I enjoyed their rather pleasant company and friendly conversation. My feeling when I left was that these two apparently bright and articulate young men did not want to be out of school on this day. I know, through experience, that teaching can be difficult. It is also stressful to be a student. However, on Monday, mid-morning, under normal conditions, students belong in school. Ben and Michael belonged in school. We must figure out another way to discipline “horsing around” between two young friends.


Camille Manchester

12 Turner Rd.