Letter: Special Olympians deserve recognition

Letter: Special Olympians deserve recognition


It is with great disappointment that I did not see coverage in the Bristol Phoenix of the Special Olympics State Games held at the University of Rhode Island a couple weeks ago. There are so many recognitions in the paper of our young people and athletes, as there should be. Our youth need to be encouraged by their community.

I am the proud mother of a Special Olympics athlete. His name is Harry and he is a wonderful child who has worked very hard throughout the year to prepare for these games. He won a gold medal this year in the 100 meter dash. Win or lose, these children cheer each other on. The coaches are great; they put so much time and effort into these children. It is truly a labor of love. Anyone attending these games would walk away with the biggest smile. These kids are great!

I hope you would please consider this next time. With so much negative news these days, don’t you think our community would enjoy reading something so positive and uplifting.

Bernadette Emery
308 State St.


  1. I agree Bernadette, the Eastbay paper is more interested in reporting car accidents, vandalism, and who was charged with drugs. Something important and dear to these guys working hard doesn’t budge these editors. I went through the same when I was promoting a student program, it was a fight to get coverage then I lost out to space in the paper that week. If I remember correctly, they needed to report the winner of a hot dog contest was more important. I guess that it why Face book and twitter has become the new news media, that is where everybody knows everything.