Letter: Show the East Providence City Manager the door, not a bigger...

Letter: Show the East Providence City Manager the door, not a bigger paycheck


To the editor,

East Providence City Manager Peter Graczykowski wants a raise.

After the Budget Commission left and imposed some semblance of fiscal order on this banana republic, Peter Gracykowski wants to hit already overburdened taxpayers with a another bill to pad his well feathered nest. As reported by The Post in the September 26th issue, Graczykowski’s compensation package would balloon from $178,667 to $197,540 His base salary would  lurch from $125,000 to $142,800. Nice work if you can get it.

Mr. City Manager, let this serve as your public performance review and the facts under consideration are these:

1. East Providence school children often go to school with no textbooks.
2. Parents, family and friends are raising money themselves to fund school sports
3. The high school is dangerously out of repair.
4. The city has failed to renegotiate its contract with United Water and water bills
continue to rise.
5. The City Manager allowed a citizen’s Social Security number to appear on a
city website for almost two weeks.
6. The City Manager and Finance Director Malcolm Moore have not committed to
fully funding the Annual Retirement Contribution (ARC) to the East Providence
Police Officer’s pension.The departed Budget Commission had made this ob-
ligation a clear priority.

To add to this litany of substandard performance, Mr. Graczykowski and Mr. Moore want to change the city fiscal year start from October 1 to July 1. The latter date is used by the state and a majority of other municipalities. As reported by The Post last week, a “synchronization bond” is being discussed to make up for a large hole in the new budget when the change is made. A gap of between $20 and $25 million dollars was estimated by the Finance Director.

Sit for a minute and think. Are pay raises the correct priority in the face of these facts and the prospect of taking on a new bond, funded by the deep pocketed taxpayer? A raise is in the offing for Mr. Moore as well. It’s funny how they never lead with those kinds of facts.

Mayor Briden was correct  to oppose pay raises. I encourage every East Providence citizen to fight these undeserved hikes and to demand that the City Council hold to the plan left us by the Budget Commission. We can’t have a future without a few adults in the room. Finally, the City Manager needs to be dismissed. He has no contract so this will not be difficult.

The City of East Providence may fire without cause. It’s time to fire the City Manager with cause and the case is more than plain.

Tim Norton


  1. [email protected]

    Norton, Blanchard, Miller… it appears the fan club of Ward 1 Councilman had another brain-storming and letter-writing session, similar to their PondView outbursts. Maybe it`s a result of those Sunday pow-wows the Councilman holds for this special interest group. They are the same crew who were happy to bring a tax-paying business to its knees through endless litigation, resulting in a potential loss of almost $100,000 that other taxpayers will have to pick up.

    Speaking of budget busting, how exactly are detail-devoid proposals of Ward 1 Councilman in line with the Budget Commission fiscal plan? They deviate in revenue collections, by stopping the homestead exemption phase-out and removed a modest 1% tax increase that was due to the union raises, resulting in an almost $1,000,000 deficit. With this new “fiscal accountability,” the Councilman turns to the senior management, including the City Manager, to make it all happen with a budget that has been cut by the Commission to the bone. Those would be the same staff that he just denied any cost of living increase.

    There is plenty of evidence the City Manager has been doing a great job – either as part of the Commission or as boots on the ground, implementing the proposals. The last year’s surplus, improved tax collections, cost savings programs and recent bond rating upgrade are just a few examples. The Rumford few latch onto some school issues under a jurisdiction of a Superintendent that makes almost $20,000 more than the City Manager; an existing 10-year DBO contract with United Water that the company has no obligation to renegotiate; and lying about the pension ARC, which is fully funded under the proposed budget, since it has a lower liability due to Google money. What a hack job!

    But I guess, there must a payback to their “leader” for getting stuck the East Providence taxpayers with yet another legal bill for the PondView case. The question other hard-working residents should be asking is how much more money is East Providence going to sink into this loser of a case that may only remotely benefit one, small area of the City.

    • Overtaxed,

      Tell me how the City Manager is doing a “great job”, as you put it? You represent too many people who love to run their mouths with zero evidence for their empty headed claims. Pond View was an illegal business. Ken Foley never enclosed the operation to protect residents from the toxic pollution his business created and is still creating. DEM had declared it to be an illegal operation and Pond View was operating beyond the limits imposed by their original use variance,

      Your comment was all over the place and did not use facts, logic and reason to make your case. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen name, isn’t it? Have the guts to put your name to your comments, though most people with more than eight brain cells would be embarrassed to do so.

      • Overtaxed,

        You think the City Manager is doing a great job” as part of the Budget Commission? They were brought in to deal with his incompetence and you praise him for working with those brought in to clean up his mess? The City manager had no choice but to work with the Commission. It’s his mess they are cleaning up.

        Instead of whining in anonymity on this site about those with the courage to put their names on letters to a newspaper, why don’t you do the same thing? Do you have the guts? I seriously doubt it.

  2. Dear EP_Overtaxed,

    Just as a clarification, I do not live in ward 1 nor am I in a “fan club” for ward 1. I have no dog in the PondView fight, I did not and do not attend any of your so-called pow-wows on Sunday. I also write my own letters with the help of no-one, they are my words, my own statements based on what I have read and heard at council meetings and most of all they are my own opinion.

  3. EP Overtaxed, I live in the center of the city and if you think $1000,000 is a lot for the taxpayers to be picking up, think again.

    How much do you think it’s going to cost the taxpayers when the police chief files his lawsuit? My guess probably a hell of a lot more.
    Remember it was the city manager who caused this, guess this is part of the good job the city manager is doing?

    How much are the taxpayers paying for the Genova lawsuit? I do believe that is in Ward One?