Letter: Shouldn’t there be smaller recycling bins?

Letter: Shouldn’t there be smaller recycling bins?


To the editor,

Thanks to the budget commission the City of East Providence is making an effort to cut waste handling costs by going to bi-weekly recycling.  Hopefully those savings will be passed along to residents in the form of lower taxes!!  But don’t hold your breath.

I just got my new 95 gallon recycling bin and it is humongous.  It is so huge I have no place to put it inside my home.  It seems nearly as large as some homes in EP.  Did anyone even consider a smaller container for those who may not need one that big?  Did anyone consider the problems the elderly and physically impaired individuals will have moving these monsters in and out every other week.  (even if they are not full or have nothing in them).

Seems to me there should be a smaller version of the recycling bin available for those who do not need a 95 gallon container.  I’m guessing that many homes will now have a new blue monument in their driveway even though the instructions state that the containers “must be removed from curbside and stored out of view until your next collection.”

Good luck with that.

Robert Amman

East Providence