Letter: Sandywoods Thanksgiving dinner was a treat

Letter: Sandywoods Thanksgiving dinner was a treat


To the editor:

On behalf of the Sandywoods arts and agricultural community, I would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of our third annual Thanksgiving Day community dinner. Forty six guests gathered in the hall for a delicious family-style dinner, most from Tiverton and Fall River, some from Providence and other cities, and one from as far away as Cleveland, Ohio.

Many thanks to all the local farmers, vendors, and individuals who donated food, supplies, and financial assistance, including Ferolbink Farms, Roots Farm, Tom’s Market,  East Coast Construction, Lees Market, Coastal Roasters, and Stop & Shop.

Sandywoods resident Nancy Walker once again coordinated the entire event, with help from many wonderful people  who generously gave of their time to prepare, serve, and clean  up after the dinner ended. Thank you to all of the volunteers, including Nancy, Susan Walker, Prudence Fallon, Cynthia and Glenn Allen, Dawn Brooks-Rapp,  Kristen Lima, Bill Burdett, Joe Griffin, Paul Wilde, Sandra  Dugan, Lynn and Craig Curtis, Matt Smith, Desiree Brunton,  and Penny Jackim.

Thanks also to the many fine musicians who performed later in the afternoon.

Once again, to all those who made this  lovely community event possible we say, “Thank you.”

Russ Smith

Sandywoods program coordinator