Letter: Sad to see the beach such a mess

Letter: Sad to see the beach such a mess


To the editor:
This past Sunday my family packed up and decided to go to Warren Town Beach for the afternoon. When we arrived my heart was broken, the beach that I so love like many taxpayers was a complete disaster.
Recall Sunday, it was a nice day, arguably the best day of the year so far, residents were out in force enjoying the beach. I was shocked to see no water had been turned on for the showers or bubbler, I was shocked there wasn’t even a port-a-john for bathrooms, I was shocked to see no lifeguard on duty, I was shocked at the amount of seaweed and trash on the beach, I was shocked to see the beach rules being broken and no one there to enforce them. Dogs on the beach barking, and using it as their bathroom, people with blow up floats bumping into people, best yet, a gentleman threw a fishing line right in the middle of a group of children. Should I mention all the out of towners using our beach for nothing? Are we not looking for money?
When I looked at Burrs Hill Park I saw the once beautiful pine tree butchered, trash all over the ground, grass improperly mowed, and nothing cared for. An empty park that used to be vibrant now looked like it was condemned. My message for the town council and the DPW is this, please help find the money so the beach can be staffed again. We spent $2 million on the beach last year, please don’t let it be another town landmark not cared for.
Joseph A. Burns
Child Street


  1. Sadly, this is what happens when the budget for additional summer help is eliminated. The crew of landscape and park maintenance folks affectionately referred to as “the summer kids” have not, and will not be hired this year.

  2. These comments are coming from some of the very same people that didn’t want to cut the jobs of a primary wage earner to pay a college kid to mow the lawn. The DPW has enough manpower to handle the beach…take a look at their budget.

    • They still wont plow the sidewalks so why are they going to cut grass. It was the summer help that did those dirty deeds.

      2 great land marks in Warren are going to the dogs.

  3. I just want to say this was not in any way meant to make the DPW look bad at all! In any means. The fact of the matter is YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being wasted by our city council!!! It’s crazy! We have to pay for their silly mistake! Tax payers just spent $2 million on the beach and now that is WASTED because there isn’t enough man power to do everything! THE DPW DOES AN AWESOME JOB IN THE TOWN OF WARREN but hiring high schoolers is the right thing to do. for $8.50 an hour you can’t go wrong! There is no bathrooms, showers, water fountain, lifeguard, OR TRASH BARRELS! The Tax payers need to stop being walked on and someone needs to say something!!!!