Letter: Professor should have been willing to meet manager

Letter: Professor should have been willing to meet manager


To the editor:

When I first read about Roger Williams Professor Ruggieri’s report about the savings of privatizing the garbage pickup in town, I thought it would be an interesting study since there are likely other opportunities to save the town’s people money.

When I heard that, as a researcher, she was not willing to meet with town manager to review her findings to be sure that she analyzed the data properly, I found that surprising.

As a former professor, I know that legitimate papers are peer reviewed. When I heard that instead of checking her facts with those involved, she chose to go directly to the Barrington Times to release her report, it became clear that the report was likely not an objective assessment of the facts but a report written with an agenda in mind.

While she is free to do what she wishes, her academic credentials have been damaged. The fact that she even refuses to release the report to June Speakman who by her own admission is an opponent of privatization since she is a “big government democrat” begs the question of her desire to have the report reviewed for accuracy.

As a resident of Barrington, all I can say is that privatization has resulted in more reliable trash pickup with better service.

My advice to “big government democrats” is to find ways in which government can work for the people instead for the government. The goal should not be to make government grow but to find ways to lower the cost and improve service for the people. Perhaps that is the lesson we should learn from this episode.

Andrew C. Kadak