Letter: November will present Dems with a slate of fresh candidates

Letter: November will present Dems with a slate of fresh candidates


To the editor:

Amidst the flurry of letters aimed at the Bristol Democratic Town Committee, all objectivity seems to be lost on the part of some frantic Republicans. Doug Gablinske’s letter states the problem very well, although Doug does not point out that if a Republican is really a moderate, there is no place for them in today’s Republican Party. That is exactly the situation that forced Gov. Chaffee — a decent, competent and honest Republican — to become an Independent, and subsequently, become a lame duck the day after he was elected. It says a lot when Gov. Chaffee and other Republicans, obviously intelligent men, have decided to leave politics altogether.

Cara Cromwell’s excellent column in last week’s Phoenix also addresses this problem very well. In today’s polarized context, it would do well for all candidates to remember the old Irish slogan “You dance with them that brung ya!”

The Democratic primary contests, as they did at the last elections in this state, will definitely separate the wheat from the chaff, and allow the Democrats to present a slate of fresh, smart, new candidates at all levels of our government. This might well be the last chance for Rhode Island to really get a fresh economic start. The Town Democratic Committee has recognized this situation well and has acted accordingly.


George S. Burman

66 Highland Road


  1. You have to be joking???? Looks at RI under the dem’s! Looks at the usa under Obuma? Take off the shades dude, you scare me as some who is at the 36% tax rate and getting cleaned out by dirtbags who do not want to work.