Letter: Mr. Sweeney continues to support what is best for Bristol


To the editor:

I take issue with several of Mr. Burman’s comments noted supra. Yet, we are all entitled to our opinions as I was in my Feb. 13, 2014 letter to the editor regarding “Mr. Sweeney should be commended for choosing Ms. Parella.” I would urge Mr. Burman to reread my letter as well. In my letter, I pointed out the facts and logic of why Mr. Sweeney’s nomination and vote for Ms. Parella was the correct and proper thing to do for Bristol.

I do find it interesting, however, that no one on the Bristol Democratic Town Committee (BDTC) has criticized nor excommunicated Mr. Stuart, the Democrat Town Councilor and member of the BDTC who nominated and voted for Mr. Herreshoff, a Republican like Ms. Parella, to be the Town Council Vice Chairperson. It should be noted that I applaud Mr. Stuart’s vision and courage in his nomination and vote for Mr. Herreshoff. It should also be noted that Mr. Sweeney nominated and voted for Mr. Stuart, a fellow Democrat, to be the Vice Chairperson.

I am deeply troubled by the fact that the BDTC saw it fit to only attack and thus single out Mr. Sweeney. It would be interesting to learn the BDTC’s rationale behind this apparent pick-and-choose approach to, as Mr. Burman noted, “the principle of majority rule.”

The bottom line in all of this, as I stated in my Feb. 13, 2014 letter to the editor, is that Mr. Sweeney was elected by the citizens of Bristol to be a Town Councilor to do what is best for Bristol. Doing the bidding of the BDTC is not what I voted for nor I suspect what most of Bristol’s citizens voted for. Mr. Sweeney continues to support what is best for Bristol and will, once again, have my vote.


Stephen P. Katz

42 River St.