Letter: Let’s get back to baseball

Letter: Let’s get back to baseball


To the editor:

Many pundits of the media lately are rating the Red Sox as mediocre, whatever that  means.  Some even say they stink, which is crossing the line, I think, and flies in the face of those remaining loyal fans who do not boo and heckle yet at remaining games.  Under these circumstances, is it asking too much of local sports announcers that they get down to talking real baseball rather than just spreading Red Sox propaganda ($$)?

After all, there are baseball buffs in the area–always have been–who follow goings on in   the National League as well as the American League, and have an interest in the successes and failures of other teams and players thereof.

Call them what we will:  baseball buffs, connoisseurs, purists; it is they, through their          unwavering interest over decades, who have made the popularity of the game what it is    today.  It matters little to them who wins.  It’s box scores, statistics, the game and action on the field that counts.

However, plenty of seating, ample parking, and a hot dog and soda at a fair price wouldn’t   hurt any;  and would certainly help with enjoyment of the game.

Incidentally, what is a Red Sox nation?

Leon Urban

5 Lee Drive