Letter: Knowing about Lynch Syndrome could save lives

Letter: Knowing about Lynch Syndrome could save lives


Dear Editor:

I am the R.I. Task Force Leader working with Lynch Syndrome International and I am trying to help save lives by spreading awareness about a genetic condition that predisposes those afflicted with colon cancer as well as many other cancers. It is called Lynch Syndrome and it is fairly new to the medical world. I have come acres many doctors who do not even know about it.

Having Lynch Syndrome, I have an up to 82 percent chance of getting colon cancer, 65 percent change for uterine, 19 percent gastric, 15 percent ovarian, 10 percent bladder, and various other percentages for many other cancers. Because I know I have Lynch Syndrome, I qualify for more strict preventative care and screenings which very well can save my life, just by simply knowing. Lynch strikes young and it strikes aggressively.

Because this condition is relatively “new,” there’s an estimated 5 percent of us who have it that are currently diagnosed, which means there are many more lives out there that can be saved by spreading awareness. It also means there are not many of us that can advocate for getting the word out on this condition.

Educating the public on how to recognize the red flags that could indicate the Lynch gene in their family is critical to saving lives. If you or someone you  know has a strong family history of colon cancer or any of the other Lynch cancers, it could very well indicate the Lynch gene in the family. Information sharing snowballs. Please help in getting it rolling and pass on what you’ve just read. For more information on Lynch Syndrome and getting tested, go to www.lynchcancers.com.


Kerri Murphy

10 Ellen St.