Letter: It’s not about the dime, folks, it’s the principle when it...

Letter: It’s not about the dime, folks, it’s the principle when it comes to tolls


To the editor,

It’s not the dime folks…..it is the principle of the issue…Three Bridges to get onto the Island….Two have tolls….the economy is miserable enough on the Island…and R.I…..why ruin it even more????? We will just try to avoid the area all together….it is a good thing we really do not have to go in that area…but…having said that it won’t be long until even the Mount Hope Bridge which is how we come down to the Island from will be tolled again and the Island People will be doomed!!!

I have lived in R.I. all my life and I cannot believe it is coming to this!!!! It is a good thing Providence is the Capital of R.I. and not Newport like it originally was….Imagine having to deal with R.I. Government on The Island because it was the only place the office you needed to deal with was in Newport???? Oh…and has anyone mentioned that it is now totally impossible for commuter rail service to come to Newport from Boston because……even the railroad bridge is gone!!!!!

There are no words to describe the ultra stupidity of our Rhode Island Legislators…once the Navy pulled out of Newport….Aquidneck Island was doomed!!!!  Yet…..these same Legislators want to still say that Newport is our biggest tourist attraction..as we watch all the cars go to the Cape????? Getting off my soapbox now before I say something that I shouldn’t!!!!!

Paul Maziarz



  1. Dear Headline Writer:

    Since you are paid a salary to write for a living, I have to ask: Are you referring to the Middle School or High School Principal?

    Please take a lesson from the letter writer. He got it right.