Letter: Find something real to complain about

Letter: Find something real to complain about


To the editor:

No farms; no food.

People all over the world have such serious day-to-day problems: starvation, persecution, torture, kidnappings, bombings.

We complain about windmills and the bird guns (“Cannons blast neighbors’ peace,” in the July 24 edition of the Phoenix).

Imagine if those shots weren’t to scare off birds but serious rocket fire coming in to destroy our area or our town. The few who complain seem to get results, like the woman who didn’t want her child to pray in school and now children can’t pray in school.

The state and federal government have so many rules and regulations that it makes it impossible for people in business to continue or start new business. It has made unemployment unbelievable in this country.

We want to buy products from local farms. How long will this last if we stop people like Mr. Usher from producing his own corn. It is a family business that has operated for years and now it could be ruined because of complaints. How many farms are left in this area? Wake up, America.

Patricia J. Pinskey


  1. I have no dog in this fight, but unfortunately, the existence of ills such as “starvation, persecution, torture, kidnappings, [and] bombings” does not make the complaints about “windmills” or “bird guns” any less “real.” What makes your complaint any more “real?”