Letter: East Providence taxpayers deserve better from City Manager

Letter: East Providence taxpayers deserve better from City Manager


To the editor:

Well, by the looks of what has been going on in the last couple of days, it seems that October will be a very busy and hopefuly, productive month for us here in East Providence.

Lets go back even further.  Months ago when the budget commission left, our city manager, Peter Graczykowski decided (I’m sure with the help of others) that he was going to TRY and rid the city of Chief Tavares.  Luckily, that plan didn’t work.  What it did do, was launch a state police investigation into goings on with councilman Rose and Councilwoman Rossi and city business.  That ended with the 2 council people slamming their mouths shut (small miracle) and nothing further being addressed by the state police.

We then move on to September when we find out that the social security numbers of both Jo-Ann Durfee, AKA “The Activist”, and Ken Foley, owner of Pond View C & D facility, had been inadvertently (I use that word loosely) posted on the city’s website.  Along with that information were their birth dates, addresses and license numbers.

Why stop there?  Why not put their blood type and shoe size out there too!  The city manager says it was a mistake.  Sorry, but I don’t buy it.  That information left the police department, fell on the desk of the city manager then he tossed it on the desk of the city clerk to post the information online.  Didn’t anyone notice that highly personal information?  And if they did notice it, why the hell was it let go?

Shortly thereafter, the Finance Director hands in the new budget.  It includes some pretty handsome raises for a select few as well as Mr. Graczykowski.  The city manger also responds saying he intends to put less money towards the ARC than suggested by the budget commission for the police department.  You have got to be kidding me?  The state comes in, puts us on a solid financial path and the city manager decides to dig a pot hole in the middle of that path.

Now we move on to the latest.  Councilwoman Rossi wants to know the “parameters and possibilities” of the budget commission returning.  Not sure about anyone else’s thoughts, but I wish they NEVER left!  Again, we are days after the bc leaves and we start this again.  The city manager offers a response which he mentions is just his opinion and not based on any legal expertise, it was his interpretation.

I’m not buying any of this.  Mr. Graczykowski, your handing the people of this city a ration of garbage at every corner.  WE pay your very healthy pay and benefits and WE deserve better.  From now on, I want my portion of tax money that supports Mr. Grczykowski’s pay to go somewhere else, like back in my pocket.

Lynn Miller