Letter: Don’t fall for bait-and-switch

Letter: Don’t fall for bait-and-switch


To the editor:

There is a bait-and-switch scam that is trying to creep into Bristol. Do not be fooled by it.

The bait is a promise to save money by changing the town’s street lights to LED lights.

The switch-and-scam are that, in doing so, the town would acquire ownership of the lights. That is socialism, and, like all socialism, the costs would be higher, not lower.

That is not just an opinion. Published plans written by the scammers themselves describe how they would use fictitious, contrived numbers, and taxpayer-funded subsidies to make the scheme work.

In case you wonder why organizers are doing this, I believe it is because Rhode Island is such a loser state that gaming the system and defrauding the taxpayer is the only work that they can find to do. It is exactly like the 38 Studios, et. al.

If you are against socialism, of if you are against frauds and leeches, then make sure that you are heard loud and clear by the Town Council. They need your help.


Nicholas Ratti Jr.

28 Hydraulion Ave.