Letter: DEM misses boat on Pond View cleanup


To the editor,

The Department of Environmental Management does not protect the environment. The City of East Providence recently issued two cease and desist against the land owner of 1 Dexter Road for violating city laws.

TLA-Pond View gates were “supposedly shut” on September 11, 2012 and the clean up was to have taken place within 60 days according to the application six months later no cleanup. According to the application a “Third Party Closure” would handle the clean up. What does the Department of Environmental Management do, they reward the land owner who is not a “third party” the task of cleaning up the property with the $800,000 bond.

A land owner who violates city and state laws, still taking in solid waste,  who was a consultant for the company, a creditor owed money and help create the piles of toxic debris at the now “supposedly” closed facility the task of cleaning up the property.

The application did not state that “it does not have to be a third party,” Department of Environmental Management has put their own spin on this and stated on their website “there must be a sufficient amount in the closure fund to pay for a closure if a third party were to conduct the closure activities.”  Is the Department of Environmental Management now stating that there is not enough money in the fund to hire a “third party?”

All this time wasted on a clean up of a toxic site so the Department of Environmental Management could reward the land owner the job who violates the laws, ignoring the low bids of possible other companies. Why do we pay the salaries of inept people who claim to work for a better environment, yet favor bad businesses over protecting the environment?

Jo-Ann Durfee

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