Letter: Cemetery plats make great Christmas gifts

Letter to the Editor - stockimage

To the editor:
I know this might be an odd consideration for a Christmas or holiday gift; however, it is one of the few gifts that last forever, will not rust, needs no batteries or power, and will give your family peace of mind during a crisis.
Yes, have you ever thought of giving the family a cemetery plat as a holiday gift? Admittedly, it is a little bit unusual and a topic most choose not speak about, however, we all know of stories from families and friends scrambling to purchase a grave at the time of a tragedy. The purchase of a grave or a cremation niche can give your family peace of mind now and at the time when needed.
Consider the gift that lasts forever.
Contact Enzly Ramsey, the superintendent at 401-253-6426 or myself for details.

Charlie Cavalconte
North and East Burial Ground Commission


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