Letter: Cell tower does not belong on conservation land

To the editor:

Neither our school committee nor our town council should approve the construction of a cell tower near Sowams School.

Fifty feet west of the fence (the proposed location) is smack in the middle of the Hampden Meadows Greenbelt, a Conservation Zone — not suitable for development but only for passive recreation (the walking path).

Furthermore, there is an active Great-horned Owl nest not more than a few hundred feet to the north.

The Greenbelt, Osamequin Nature Trail and Tall Cedars properties were given to our town as part of Governor John Chafee’s 1962 Green Acres Program; it would not serve well either our town nor our appreciation for Senator Chafee’s state and nationally renowned conservation efforts to develop that land in any way.

Charlotte B. Sornborger



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