Letter: Bristol Post Office now has automatic doors

Letter: Bristol Post Office now has automatic doors



To the editor:

I would like to share my appreciation to Bristol Postmaster Judy Glover for addressing the issue that involved the handicap accessibility into the Bristol Post Office. The post office now has newly installed automatic door openers to allow a handicap person to enter without struggling to hold the heavy doors open. After addressing this issue with the post office, I faced the usual government bureaucracy of budget issues. I addressed the issue with Congressman Cicciline’s Office that these doors were not up to handicapped accessibility laws. The postal officials corrected the problem with these automatic openers on both the main entrance and the lobby door. This issue should have been addressed prior, but like other government issues, it did not come to light until someone pushes for change.

Now anyone with a hand full of packages will not have to struggle with those doors. Just push the button and wait for the door to open.


Dave Silvia