Letter: Bristol needs a new town website

Letter: Bristol needs a new town website


To the editor:
The Town Council spent a considerable amount of time debating the use of (
or not to use ) dollars remaining from the salary from the now vacant economic development
position. The initial proposal made to the Council was, in
my opinion, not targeted enough to warrant approval. After additional
requests for more specifics, there was still no agreement from the Council.
As I am sure you are aware, I have been a vocal advocate of making our
website more user friendly and informative. Because of this, Diane
Williamson, our Director of Community Development, reached out to me to
discuss the possibility of using the above mentioned dollars to
change/rebuild the Town of Bristol’s website.
I see tremendous opportunity in our website being improved. Why? Multiple
reasons. First, it should be quick and easy to see upcoming meetings,
contact Elected officials or Town employees, review the budget, etc.
Second, when the Town applies for grants, the website is the first place
these entities look to for a window into Bristol. After all, first
impressions are lasting impressions. Third, when new potential residents and
businesses consider Bristol, they typically view our website .
Fourth, Bristol businesses and residents use the website for understanding
the approval process for building permits, Historic District Commission
approvals, etc.
These are just a few examples that speak to the need for a highly functional
and attractive website. The Town Council voted in favor of going out to bid
for the website.
The next step is the town will put the “new” website design, build , and
hosting out to bid to receive not only competitive prices, but high quality
It is my belief that improving Bristol’s website is an important piece of
the puzzle that will drive economic development and will keep the people of Bristol
informed and aware.

Nathan Calouro
Bristol Town Council