Letter: Bristol needs a Booster Club

Letter: Bristol needs a Booster Club


To the editor:

Does Bristol need its own Economic Development Director? Maybe-Maybe Not.

The Editorial pertaining to “Managing Bristol’s Economic Future” is timely and full of wisdom. As someone who has chosen to make Bristol my home, I am making a point to contribute some of my time and interests to make it a vibrant place that can help contribute to Rhode Island’s recovery.

I have watched the failures of “Economic Development” in Providence over the past few years and I have come to the conclusion that politics need to be removed from the economic development equation when at all possible.

Bristol needs a “Booster Club” comprised of successful business owners and private citizens who are motivated by seeing Bristol succeed. These individuals (volunteers) should be willing to contribute some of their time and invest some of their money to create an environment attractive to both new business owners and existing businesses desiring to expand.

One of the first tasks of this Booster Club would be to articulate the purpose of the Economic Development Director’s roll and the need for this position. It’s possible that they may find that Bristol has a few key citizens that, when given the opportunity to serve, could be more effective at managing local economic growth than another town employee financed by the taxpayers.

I for one would be willing to serve. I am sure there are others.


Craig Evans

80 Aaron Ave.


  1. We already have community service organizations in town. The Lions and the Elks. Many successful business owners and private citizens are already members of these clubs. Why not solicit their assistance?