Letter: Barrington school play was a great success

To the editor:
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Hampden Meadows “Broadway Rules”!
This year, for the first time, I had the privilege of being a part of what I would consider as one of the most amazing elementary school play experiences. My daughter took the stage in the “Arts Alive!” production of “Broadway Rules!,” which was a compilation of American musical theater over the decades.
I saw my daughter not only develop a commanding stage presence, but also gain a level of appreciation for all the hard work and team effort that goes into making a successful live production. Where else in her young life would she have got an opportunity to work with a large number of her peers and such amazing mentors!
The experience was positive for many reasons; foremost among them was the fact that this event involved not only 155 Hampden Meadows students, but also a large number of parent and community volunteers, three HMS teachers and our beloved principal. What incredible team-work!
The “Arts Alive!” team executed with extreme care and sensitivity, every element of the production, from the massive undertaking of casting such that each child had his or her moments to shine, coordinating rehearsal schedules, creating props, sets, and other technical requirements, outfitting all the children in multiple costumes, to the most minute details of the scripts, lyrics, choreography, lighting, sound, and accessories, and delivered a performance of the highest quality.
It was such a delight to watch the spirit, the energy, and the emotions delivered by these young actors and actresses. The pride and joy among the audience was evident as they hooted, cheered, and applauded the accomplishments on the stage. We are indeed fortunate that our children, our schools, and our community have access to such worthwhile programs.
I commend and congratulate all those involved in “Broadway Rules!” and offer my best wishes to the “Arts Alive!” team. Here’s to many more years of enriching the lives of our children!
Bindu Mallick
Bindu Mallick is president of the Hampden Meadows School PTO.


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