Letter: Affordable housing statute is an impossible mandate

To the editor:

Barrington covers approximately 15.8 square miles of the state of Rhode Island. Only approximately 8.9 square miles is land.

Take a minute — think about that fact — 8.9 square miles.

Now, let’s subtract from that 8.9 square miles the following: Roadways, municipal buildings, commercial space, school, churches, leased farm land, federal land, recreational land and parks, and lastly open unbuildable land.

Now, think about that for a moment.

Where in the world are we going to build 650 affordable housing units as mandated by the state of Rhode Island on what is left of our 8.9 square miles?

Put that aside for a minute.

Where does the state of Rhode Island think we are going to take care of our approximately 1,400 over 55 seniors? Those who may want to stay in town and “down-size” so they can stay close to family and friends — in a town they have supported for many years with their tax money.

Do you think the politicians really care?

Do you care?

I think the town should sue the state of Rhode Island for an improper impossible mandate!

650 indeed — nothing left for seniors!

Barbara Donovan