Letter: A view from across Omega Pond at Pond View

Letter: A view from across Omega Pond at Pond View


To the editor,

I have lived in my home approximately 45 years, which is on the bank of Omega Pond directly across from the former TLA Pond View. My everyday living has been negatively impacted by the business that has been there for the past 14 years.

If I want to watch T.V. during their operating hours, I must turn up the volume to 38 to 40 to be able to hear the TV over the noise from this location, as it is excessive. The noise that I experience is loud banging/clanging, the grinding, the beep beep beep that vehicles make while in motion, train whistle and noise.

I have always enjoyed fresh air and breezes and like to hang out linens to dry after washing for the fresh scent, however, with the excessive dust and odor I can’t as it clings to the laundry. I have been awakened in recent months at very early hours in the morning, 4, 4:30, 5, 5:30 a.m., their official operating hours during the week start at 7 a.m., not earlier, but they did. On Saturdays they were not supposed to start until 8 a.m., but their noise started much earlier that the allowed time, disturbing me in the early morning. Sundays I have been awakened also sometimes, and they were not supposed work on Sunday.

I used enjoy living here, sitting on my deck looking out at the pond, but not with this operation going on. There have been times debris has floated over from that business to my property. I remember a big blue plastic container floated over, and there was another on the pond that kids in a boat were throwing a ball into it. I later saw photos of the piles at 1 Dexter Road and these same type containers were in the piles.

This is nothing personal against Mr. Foley, and he has told me in the past if I need anything to call him, but his business has a negative impact on my every day living, and is just not right or fair to me, or the other residents. The city needs to be able to enforce zoning laws to protect us.

June Sullivan