Letter: A limerick for Warren

Letter: A limerick for Warren


To the editor:

There is a town councilor

Who lives in a bubble

She thinks the newcomers

Are nothing but trouble

How could she forget

And I’m sure she’ll regret

Newcomers vote.

Sheila Lawless-Burke

Summer Street


  1. This is a “letter to the editor” ? Was it sent with cut out letters pasted to the paper ? Because it sure does look like hate mail. Perhaps this would be better distributed at a few select Water Street businesses or at the Coffee Depot where it can be discussed by fellow haters of the many taxpayers and business people in the town of Warren that don’t fit into their perfect world of saving trees and telling others what to do with their property. I am not pleased with any of the folks on the council ( including the female so rudely alluded to in the poem or whatever the heck you call it ), but she was the only one who had the testicular fortitude to stand up for the taxpayer when no one else would !

    • On the contrary, I thought the basic premise of the limerick was quite clever. While the poet seemed to struggle a little bit with the meter and rhythm in the first two couplets, the idea to abandon the limerick structure to allow the reader to slam into a stark, two-word sentence at the end was great.

      I think the rest of what you’ve written about “haters” is just you projecting your outlook onto others. Instead of the Coffee Depot and “a few select Water Street businesses”, might I suggest that you patronize Jack’s (also on Water Street), have a cool drink, chat with others, share a few laughs, and relax for a little while?