I am fortunate to know a wonderful woman

I am fortunate to know a wonderful woman


To the editor,

I would like to tell you how fortunate I am to know a wonderful woman, who did the most selfless act I have ever known. Her name is Sharon Quatrucci.

Sharon found out that some resident our two apartment complexes did not have a place to go for Thanksgiving. Sharon planned, cooked and set up the amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for them. Sharon received some help from Cox Communications, they donated two cards for Stop & Shop. And she also had help from other people who were fortunate to work for her on another project. These people also helped serving and cooking, too! Most of it was prepared and served and food was donated by her. She had from her lovely daughter, Tabitha.

If everyone would act as kind as her, not just at the holidays, but every day, this world would be a better place. I’m very proud to call Sharon my friend. This kindness that she displayed was greatly appreciated by all.

Mary E. Cayer

East Providence