Gun-control legislation is a diversion from real problems facing state, nation

Gun-control legislation is a diversion from real problems facing state, nation


From the local level to the federal government, our supposed public servants are in a frenzied mood on how best to intimidate, control, demonize and enforce draconian gun control measures. What better way to take the public’s mind off the sorry affairs of this state and country than to spin apoplectic mantra about the evils of owning firearms?
Our own pols have come up with 2013 H-5573 proposing more stringent gun control measures and of course, fees, to attack law abiding citizens. Nowhere in this legislation do I see any mention of criminal activity or taking guns away from any criminals. It is, in fact, an attack on the person that abides by the law and is mindful of extreme safety that, of course, the politicians go after in order to make themselves “feel” good and say they are doing something.
This “something” will not prevent a psychotic from acquiring any kind of weapon and attacking anyone. Referring to the tragedy in New Jersey in which the children were killed, that same day a nutcase in China broke into a school and killed 100 people with a knife. So let’s have knife control too or baseball bat control. You can certainly beat someone to death with a baseball bat, stab someone with a knife, beat someone with fists, kill someone with an overdose, kill someone by transmitting AIDS and the list goes on and on.
This rhetoric is nothing more than an introduction to disarming the public for total control. If anyone starts with the “…England outlawed guns …” or referring to any other country, they don’t have a Constitutional Right to own guns. We have a Constitutional Right to own firearms for defense and to prevent a tyrannical government.
I think the problem is that politicians really don’t like the Second Amendment and really wish to chip away little by little any rights we have to be free. As more and more people end up dependent on government, little by little they give up their freedom for the slavery of tyranny, after all, the government knows what’s best for you. Total dependence on the government makes those in control drunk with power. The last measure of total control by the government is to take away the ability of self-defense. Germany went through total gun control, look how that turned out.
If government wishes to rewrite the Second Amendment, then do it. Come out with it, tell us what you really want. Face the people and let us decide whether we, the people wish to give up our right instead of evoking hysteria and false innuendo amongst the citizenry. Go ahead, make the change, I dare you.
— By Fran Brelsford



  1. BRAVO! Absolutely spot on. Our politicians are hiding from the real agenda. It’s so easy to control law biding citizens because they know damn well they can’t touch the real criminals. Finally someone speaks the TRUTH!

    • Clarence J Gdowski · Northwestern University
      I am a 80 year Korean war vet and started hunting at the age of 10 and hunted for the next 50 years. I am an owner of a shotgun and a lever action rifle,they are more then 65 years old. I am sure that majority of the hunters,fisherman,and veterans are against this bill. As a senior citizen I can not afford $100 fee with the high taxes both real state and state taxes.These ant liberal gun advocates have no respect for the second amendment . I am upset that Ms Finn is not looking to reducing our taxes.This state is the worst state to live in. Retired school teachers , public state workers are all leaving for FL and not paying taxes in RI.We must organize and vote out Ms Finn and liberal Democracts out or this state will go down the tubes.
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